Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miley cyrus nude. Bombastic.

Miley cyrus nude. Cool pics:

miley cyrus nudemiley cyrus nudemiley cyrus nude
I think I have a point ...? Okay so feel free to disagree, but my point is, we call stars like Jamie Lynn, Miley, Selena, every teeny bopper a bitch, vulgar or other names, just a fact. I think Miley is definatley in the running for the award Lil Miss Disney, thats a fact.But anyway, I thought, and I think that these stars may look like sluts because times change. Not a good excuse, but it sees. Guys have gone from Sweetie Pie, the f-ing sexy, and unbeliably hot. So I think it can sometimes something wrong with the attempt to appeal toadys Twistedly minded boys / men. Recognize this in mind that you know what guys and admit it, you also want to see more, a.) Miley Cyrus Caught drinking and taking nude photos! or b.) will remain at Disney Miley Cyrus picture, does nothing wrong. I think the stars and their managers are trying to the oppisite sex and boys today are twisted appeal. Hollywood is no longer a question of role models, it comes to dirt. Agreed?

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